SPOKANE, Wash. --- Some homeowners who lost their homes in the Yale Road Fire back in August, are now worried about new potential threats to the area.

Officials said the recent rain and wind could create more issues for those living near burn areas.

Officials said they are worried about mudslides, erosion and trees toppling down on roads and property.

Paul Danelo was one of the residents in the area who lost his home in the Yale Road Fire.

Danelo’s said he is not too concerned about potential hazards because they have not seen anything concerning around the area.

Danelo said he is thankful that he and his wife were not home at the time and his neighbors helped get people and pets to safety.

“Everybody in the area chipped in and was helping everybody else get everybody safe,” said Danelo.

After the fire was put out, Danelo began planning to rebuild his home. He said he thought about the impact the fire would have on the land and trees in the area.

“If the roots burned out and created a cavity pockets you kind of worried about the devastation it might cause down the road,” said Danelo.

National Weather Service meteorologist said strong winds and heavy rains can lead to mudslides, erosions and toppling trees.

“Initially after the fire everybody was concerned about it but we have had an awful lot of rain the last two or three days. And I checked the hill side and the ground seems to be holding pretty solid,” said Danelo.

Danelo said he does not expect to have any issues with the storm moving through the area.