SPOKANE, Wash. – A woman accused of driving drunk the wrong way down Interstate 90 and causing a fatal crash pleaded guilty to four charges on Wednesday.

Carrah Goble pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, and two other charges for failure to remain at the scene of the crash.

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Court documents showed Goble drove up an off-ramp the wrong way to get on I-90 before getting into a crash that killed one person back in October 2015. Court documents show she admitted to drinking before driving that day.

After the wreck, documents said Goble got a ride to the 7-Eleven on Division where she was seen on surveillance video and arrested in the parking lot. As part of her release conditions, Goble was not allowed to drive or consume alcohol.

The victim was identified as Ron Morrison. His older brother was also driving on the freeway that fateful morning and watched the crash happen. He did not realize his brother's car had been hit.

"When I saw the accident, I actually called Ronnie," he said. "I called him and said 'Hey bud, don't come this way, there's a bad accident, you might want to go around or you'll be late for work.'"

He quickly realized his message was too late.

"When the accident stopped, Miss Goble's car was beside my truck," Morrison recalled. "I leaned out the window and asked if they were okay."

He said a young man was helping her, and he did not realize what she had done at that time, so he drove on.

"There was a motorcyle driver who broke his arm, I helped him move his bike out of the way, and when I got done with that, I looked up and there was Ronnie's Volkswagen beetle," he said.

He said he went to the car but did not see his brother inside.

"I ran around the accident and that's where I saw Ronnie on the ground," he said. "Dave Hartman was already giving him CPR."

Morrison helped give his own brother CPR on the freeway.

"I did do some things that day that I would never imagine I'd have to do in my lifetime," he said.

Two years later, his family said they have waited a long time for justice.

Goble will be sentenced in September, the last part of the tragic story for the Morrison family. But even after sentencing, Roy Morrison said he will never be able to forget seeing his brother laying on the freeway.

"I'll remember that day I gave my brother CPR," he said. "October 56, every year, that's my birthday and that's when the accident happened."