35-year-old Crystal Cruz's life has changed. Whether that's good or bad can be left up to your interpretation.

Cruz was sued by 37-year-old Brandon Vezmar after a bad date.

Vezamar made headlines for suing Cruz for $17.31 after he says she ruined their date and his movie-going experience.

Vezmar spoke to KVUE Tuesday and now Cruz wants to share her side of the story.

She says he exaggerated about how much she was texting during the movie. Cruz says she only sent three text messages to her friend and tried to be discreet by holding her phone close to her. Cruz says that's when things escalated and Vezmar asked her to stop.

"I leaned back over to him and I say 'well I'm just going to go,' so I grabbed my purse and he like scoots his legs over so I can walk by," Cruz said.

But things didn't stop there. Cruz says Vezmar went to great lengths to find her on social media.

"He messaged everyone on my Facebook with last name Cruz. He messaged them to look for me," Cruz said.

To Cruz's surprise, Vezmar filed a lawsuit on May 11. Days later, Cruz and Vezmar met for the first time since the date on national television, where she agreed to pay him is $17.31.

"Let me move on with my life, I'll do whatever it takes,"Cruz said.

Vezmar has agreed to drop the lawsuit and Cruz says she's learned to be more careful dating.