SPOKANE, Wash. -- The suspect in a fatal DUI crash is awaiting trial and the families of the victims are continuing to grieve. The family of the victims have spoken out concerned the person they believe is responsible will get a lighter sentence.

Eddy Grant, 21, was put on pretrial release last week. Grant is charged with vehicular homicide for the July crash that killed Raymond Madrid, 21, and Taylor Parkins, 20. Vehicular homicide is a class A felony.

Troopers at the scene of the crash reported Grant told them he was drinking and he caused the crash.

KREM 2 News spoke with Raymond Madrid’s father after Grant was given pretrial release. His father’s name is also Raymond Madrid. Madrid said he believes Grant caused the death of his son and he should be held responsible.

"I was told from the prosecutors that Washington has a leniency law, so if they haven't had a prior record then they'll lessen the sentence,” said Madrid. “They were saying the most he could do was 95 to 128 months which I don't think that's right for two vehicular homicides."

Madrid looks to be referring to Washington's First-Time Offender Waiver. The waiver gives the courts leeway in felony sentencing. Judges are able to hand out a shorter sentence to an offender if it is their first felony conviction.

But there are some conditions. This law cannot be applied for someone who is convicted of violent or sexual offense, certain drug offenses and felony DUI offense.

KREM 2 News spoke with a criminal defense attorney who added it is not uncommon for prosecutors and defense attorneys to agree on a lesser sentence for these types of cases. But each case is different.

Grant's pretrial conference is set for next Friday and his trial is set for September 11 according to the court calendar. KREM 2 has put in a call to the prosecutor's office but as of Friday night we have not heard back.