Happy birthday to Washington State! The state was admitted to the United States of America on Nov. 11, 1889. That makes Washington State 128 years old.

History lesson: the original 75 men elected to the State Constitutional Convention were an interesting crowd, according to HistoryLink.org.

“The 75 men elected to the State Constitutional Convention included 21 lawyers, 13 farmers, 6 merchants, 6 doctors, 5 bankers, 4 cattlemen, 3 teachers, 2 real-estate agents, 2 editors, 2 hop farmers, 2 loggers, 2 lumbermen, 1 minister, 1 surveyor, 1 fisherman, and 1 mining engineer,” wrote HistoryLink.org in their article about the statehood of Washington. “On Oct. 1, 1889, Washington citizens approved the State Constitution by a vote of 40,152 to 11,879.”

Later, on Nov. 11, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison signed the bill admitting Washington into the U.S.

In honor of Washington’s birthday, here are some random state facts from the state government’s website.

  • Washington is the only state to be named after a president.
  • Our state flower is the Coast Rhododendron.
  • Our state tree is the Western Hemlock.
  • Our state bird is the Willow Goldfinch.
  • Our state fish is the steelhead trout.
  • Our state dance is the square dance.
  • Our state fruit is the apple.

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h/t HistoryLink