SPOKANE, Wash.—A Washington state law passed in April changed the way pets are tied up.

The law designed to crack down on animal abuse went into effect Sunday.

The measure set new conditions for humane tethering of dogs.

There are multiple rules and regulations regarding how long animals can be tied and how the animal is tied up.

A few examples include: dogs can not only be tethered for an unreasonable amount of time, the dog should have no chance of getting entangled, the dog must be able to stand and lay down comfortably, and the dog must have access to clean water.

The animal must be tethered in sanitary conditions and can not be able to knock over its water.

For people tethering more than one dog each one must be on a separate leash and the dogs cannot be secured to the same point or fixture.

The legislation does have a few exceptions. It said if the animal is being treated by a veterinarian or is tethered while camping the law does not apply. If the animal is being shown or is part of a contest these rules may not apply.

According to the legislation, the first offense carries a warning.

The law said the owner is given seven days to correct the problem.

The second offense is a class two civil infraction, and the third offense is a class one civil infraction.

The new law includes several more regulations you can read about here.