SEATTLE, Wash. --- Four Washington State victims have filed a lawsuit against e-cigarette makers, after e-cigarettes exploded in their faces.

The victims are from Spokane, Kelso, Vancouver and Seattle.

All of the victims suffered from severe injuries when the batteries of the e-cigarette exploded.

The Spokane victim was at home when she went to inhale from her e-cigarette and it exploded in her face.

As a result, she suffered from severe injuries to her mouth, face, chest, neck and jaw.

Her injuries were so bad, she had to get multiple bone-grafting surgeries to restructure her jaw.

Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center has already reported an increase in devastating burns and injuries from exploding e-cigarette batteries.

“The rush to market and push for profits has resulted in a dangerous, defective product that has injured consumers across the country,” said Seattle attorney, Gregory Bentley.

The combination between lithium-ion batteries and the heat from the e-cigarettes’ heating elements, can cause fire and explosion risks.

“But the explosions often cause injuries that require painful skin and bone-graft surgeries—leaving victims traumatized, missing work, and with long recoveries,” said Bentley.