SPOKANE, Wash. – Depending on when you visit downtown Spokane, parking can be difficult to find. But Downtown Spokane Partnership disagrees. According to Downtown Spokane Partnership, there are plenty of places to park downtown “when you make the healthy choice to walk.”

Parking Manager Andrew Rolwes said there are nearly 13,000 parking spaces downtown which includes curbside, surface lot spaces, and ten public garage.

“In terms of on street parking, the further south you head, the more available on street parking there is,” Rolwes said.

People said you have to be pretty lucky to be able to find a spot in the first lap around downtown. People said usually they have to drive around and make a couple laps before they are able to find a good parking spot, close to their location.

“I come down to the gym once or twice a day, and I usually have to make a couple laps. At noon it usually takes me about ten minutes if I’m lucky,” Christina Nelson said.

Rolwes did agree that curbside parking is scarce downtown especially during the lunch hour. Rolwes recommends that instead of spending several minutes trying to find parking on the street, drivers should check out the parking garages because there are a lot more spots available.

“Peak use during the week was at 49 and peak use during the week for off street parking was at 33 percent,” Rolwes said.

There is the mall parking garage and parking at the Davenport Hotel, but Rolwes said many people do not realize these parking garages, like the City ramp, and Bank of America are also available to the public as well.

If you are still determined to park curbside, Rolwes said you can find parking if you are willing to walk more than a couple of blocks from your car.

“I think it’s definitely time for people to rethink how they think about downtown parking and expand the amount of distance they’re willing to cover if they really want to park on the street,” Rolwes said.

According to Downtown Spokane Partnerships, the City and Parking Advisory Commission are looking for other ways to make the parking system more efficient.


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