SPOKANE, Wash. – Parking in Downtown Spokane has long been a challenge for visitors, but now Spokane City officials are testing out a new way to park and pay.

The city unveiled new parking kiosks along Main Avenue designed to make parking easier and more efficient.

The kiosks are the newest installment to Downtown. They let you pay by license plate. To pay, all you do is enter your license plate number, insert your form of payment (cash, change, or card) and grab your receipt.

The kiosk will recognize that your license plate has been paid for parking.

You can find three kiosks on the streets between Bernard and Browne, four kiosks between Browne and Division, and three kiosks between Division and Pine.

So who paid for these? The city did.

Officials said the kiosks were bought about three to four years ago. They were part of a possible upgrade for parking technology back then but did not end up being chosen.

The city has also implemented new angled parking. The new platform has added an additional 25 parking spots to the kiosk area.

The cost to park will remain at $1.20 an hour. The city said if the kiosks prove to be successful, more kiosks will be added around town.

City officials are interested in hearing your feedback. They said they will be reaching out via Facebook and Twitter with public surveys to see how well the new platforms are working in the community.