SPOKANE, Wash.—Concert tickets can be a hot commodity, especially for big stars like Garth Brooks.

It will be the first time the country star has performed in Spokane for close to 20 years.

Officials with the Spokane Arena said that is why they are warning people to be cautious when they buy tickets for the show.

They warned people looking to buy tickets to be aware of scalpers and bots trying to scam fans.

TicketsWest handled the ticket sales for the concert and said they had ways to combat bots and scammers.

First they said accounts on the website will be limited to buying eight tickets a piece. That doesn’t stop a bot from creating multiple accounts and buying tickets, but TicketsWest assured people they will have multiple levels of web security in place when tickets go on sale Friday morning.

There are people as well as web security programs monitoring the traffic on the website, according to TicketsWest.

TicketsWest urged people to only buy tickets from the Spokane Arena website.

TicketsWest warned that people buying tickets from a second party site run the risk of buying fake tickets or paying a way higher price for real ones.