HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. – You may love her, you may hate her, but by now the entire world has come to know April the Giraffe. Over a course of a few hours April became, arguably, one of the most popular animals on the planet. But we are all still watching and waiting for the celebrity giraffe to give birth.

KREM 2 did some investigating as to how long it had been since the famous giraffe went viral; you will not believe how long we have all been watching the soon-to-be mother.

April and her pregnancy went viral in late February. That means the entire world has been waiting for the mom-to-be to give birth for almost a month and a half now!

According to Animal Adventure Park, April’s tentative due date was in mid-February, but we all know that date was a little off.

In the course of almost a month and a half, April has become a household name comparable to animals like Harambe and Shamu.

Here are some notable things that have happened since the world began watching the mother-to-be:

· April’s feed was flagged and momentarily taken down by Animal Rights Extremists for “sexual content and nudity.”

· The Guardian issued an article about “Struggling Spokane,” and then issued an apology.

· March Madness came….and went.

· The Seahawks said they might trade Richard Sherman.

· The Hawks signed Eddie Lacy.

· Speculation circled that Marshawn Lynch might come out of retirement.

· Spokane had one of the snowiest winters in the country.

· Spokane added a record-breaking amount of nonstop flights.

· Warren Beatty named the wrong best picture at the Oscar awards.

· A goldfish got a new lease on life with a prosthetic flipper.

· Seattle’s Bertha finally broke through after four years.

· Spokane had one of its worst flood seasons.

· Dobby the Giraffe was born at a Denver zoo.

· Washington was named the 5th best state in the United States.

Obviously much more happened between late February and early April, so what comes to mind for you?

I think it is safe to say we are all hoping that by the end of April, we can add the birth of April’s baby to that list.