KELLOGG, Idaho — Employees at the Kellogg Vision Clinic in Kellogg, Idaho said they are frustrated after another burglary where a thief broke the glass front door to the business and stole 40 dollars.

This has happened at the optometry clinic three times within the last year and a half.

Security cameras recorded the thief's break in on June 10. The cameras caught him smashing the front door of the Kellogg vision center and walking right to the cash drawer.

The thief stole 40 dollars and left behind hundreds of dollars in damages.

"It breaks my heart that somebody thinks they would need to break in for small amounts of cash,” Yevette Petersen from the Kellogg Vision Center said.

break ins like this one are not new for employees here.

The thief made off with a couple thousand dollars in cash the first time. After the first time, employees changed how much cash they keep on hand. The second time, he tried to break the same window as the first.

With three break ins, employees at the clinic said they are not sure what to do next.

"If he would just call me, I'd come down and give him some cash instead of breaking our windows,” Petersen said. “I mean, this is crazy.”

Employees said they were told by police that they are having a hard time identifying the burglar based on the video.