SPOKANE, Wash. — New studies are finding some populations of lice have mutated to become resistant to over the counter treatments, earning them the nickname “super lice”.

The owner of a local lice clinic in Spokane has firsthand experience dealing with these super bugs.

“The reason I have the clinic is because we went through this multiple times. And nothing was killing them. And so that is where I was at,” Michelle Repp, owner of Lice Clinics of America Spokane said. “That frustration because there was nothing working. We had tried everything.”

Now, she implements an "AirAlle" device which blows heated air targeted at the lice and eggs. Repp said the treatment is effective, even with lice that are not killed by over the counter products.

“It’s really sad because I have a lot of clients come in and they're like ‘I just spent hundreds of dollars on all of these products and I'm still seeing live lice’,” Repp said.

Of course, the ideal situation is to prevent the spread of lice in the first place by ensuring your kids know not to share things like hats and towels.

“A lot of times when the kids do get the lice, they don't want it again and they will remember more so. Sometimes when you share the pictures of what they look like, they may be like 'Uh no, I don't want those bugs in my hair’," Repp said.

If someone in your family does get lice, Repp said timing is crucial. Get it taken care of quickly because lice spread easily.

“You keep fighting it, keep fighting it, keep fighting it, and now lo and behold you have everybody in the family that has it,” Repp said.

One more message Repp wanted to pass along is to make sure you tell others if you see lice pop up. Notification is a critical step to stop lice from spreading.