SPOKANE, Wash --- The eclipse is getting closer and we are seeing some strange ads pop up just in time for the solar phenomenon.

Craigslist has you covered with some of the most bizarre advertisements you can imagine for the eclipse.

KGW in Portland found a creative hitch hiker who had high hopes for this ad.

photo by Andy

“Now, I figured, well I got a little extra weed on the side. Why don’t I throw a Craigslist ad in,” said the man who placed the ad, Andy.

Andy from Garibaldi, Oregon offered to legally donate an ounce of weed in exchange for a ride, and got a lot of responses. He successfully found someone to help him get to the path of complete totality.

“I’m excited…I’m so so excited,” said Andy.

An eclipse chaser from Spokane Valley is also willing to travel with a complete stranger to experience this event.

photo by craigslist

A pilot from Everett is even looking to catch a ride. He is offering his services to people flying in their private planes instead of braving the expected gridlock traffic.

photo by craigslist

KREM decided to check the local listings in Spokane to see what people around here are posting. Unfortunately, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

If you are still looking for eclipse glasses there are a couple ads posted right now.

Becca from the South Hill posted an ad, selling her glasses for $30 each. That is twice what she paid for them, but at this point options are few, while the demand is still high.