SPOKANE, Wash.— The first day of school can be nerve wracking for students heading back, but it's also a big day for new teachers starting their careers.

Spokane Public School took six experienced teachers out of their classrooms and paired with new teachers to help them make the transition.

Mentor Patti Puyear said there are differences in what teachers learn in college and day to day classroom activities mentors can help with.

“Teaching is complex, and there are so many things that happen within a school day that your coursework in college and your student teaching don’t necessarily prepare you for,” said Puyear.

Research suggests teachers can have the single biggest impact on student success.

Fourth grade teacher, Adam Thompson said he felt the perks of the program when he was a new teacher last year.

“It was one of the more beneficial things for me just knowing I have somebody I can go to if I have a question about classroom management or what side to take in a conflict or something like that,” said Thompson.

Puyear said it was a privilege to be the person a new teacher could turn to for guidance.