SPOKANE, Wash.—Spokane Public Schools will join schools across the country in leveling the playing field for students using technology in classrooms.

In an increasingly digital world it is not uncommon for students to use the Internet for most of their homework, but the increased need for information leaves students without access to the Internet behind. Experts called this the homework gap.

The Sprint Foundation pledged to get free smartphones, tablets and hotspot devices to one-million low income high school students across the county to end the homework gap.

The Sprint Foundation will send 2,000 of those devices to high school students in Spokane.

District administrators, like Theresa Meyer are working to find the 2,000 students who should receive the devices.

Meyer said she is taking suggestions for the students who could get these devices.

According to Meyer, parents or anyone who thinks they know a student who could use this gift should contact any of the assistant principals at the high schools.

Meyer said she hopes the devices will close the homework gap.

“I just think we’ll have more internet savy students. Being connected is an important part of living in this society now, everybody’s connect and students that don’t have that access are at a severe disadvantage. So being able to give them that technology will be a wonderful thing for them,” said Meyer.

A representative from Sprint said they are planning to hold an activation event and celebration for students receiving the devices in mid to late August.