Spokane, WA—Fitness was still the focus in 201 P.E., as local P.E. teachers tried to focus on a well-rounded fun and active education.

Cooper Elementary invited KREM 2 News to participate in a 3rd grade P.E. class.

"The main thing for us is fun! So, if exercise, is fun hopefully it will carry on until their older," said Cooper Elementary P.E. teacher Daniel Philp.

Philp said he'll have the students do a fitness test at the beginning of the year for all grade levels.

Phillip said the school offers students training tools in gym class. He said he hopes the training tools will stick with students beyond elementary school into adulthood for a fit lifestyle.

Examples were: one month will be spent on the proper overhand throw. October's fitness routine will be centered around proper nutrition.

This year, the school was trying something new! Philp said he is in charge of expanding fitness outside of the classroom.

"We started a really cool thing at Cooper this year. They get 30 minutes of recess at lunch. We setup 3 or 4 different games we have set Cooper rules for.

Kids are playing 4-square. 3-on-3 basketball. If we can get them active and keep them engaged, make it fun, hopefully they'll keep one or two of those things and take them into their adult life," said Philp.

Spokane Public Schools high school fitness standards can be found on their website.