SPOKANE, Wash. —By the end of the day Friday, it will be 65 days without rain in Spokane.

We received a lot of questions from people who said they did not believe that fact because they saw it rain in July or August. To clear up any curiosities about this, we want to clarify: Friday marks 65 days without measurable rain in Spokane.

Other cities have seen measurable rain this summer, especially in towns along the Palouse and in Montana with rain from thunderstorms.

Spokane technically had a few days of rain measuring less than 0.01". But, the last time the official Spokane rain gauge picked up measurable rainfall was on June 28. Some rain fell in July and August, but only officially counted as a "trace amount".

The rain gauge at Spokane International Airport determines if rain is enough to measure based on the weight of the accumulated water. If you are interested in learning more about the technology, read more about it here.

PHOTO: AWPAG rain gauge courtesy NOAA

The record number of recorded dry days in Spokane is 73 which was set 100 years ago on September 5, 1917.

Right now, the City is sitting in fourth place in the record for no-rain days. Yesterday completed day 64 of no rain, beating the 4th driest summer of 62 consecutive days without rain in 1969.

If the weather holds out until Saturday, Spokane will bump up to second place and overtake the record set in 1973.

There is not any rain in our weather team’s forecast for the next week or so. Good news for those who love the summer heat because things will continue to stay hot and dry.

PHOTO: NWS Spokane