SPOKANE, Wash.— Spokane residents and city leaders are weighing in on a national debate that could affect the way people use the World Wide Web.

Net neutrality has been a hot topic for the FCC and Congress in Washington D.C. for some time.

The issue resurfaced recently since a new FCC chairman could rescind the 2015 net neutrality decision.

Net neutrality is a regulation for internet service providers. Under net neutrality internet service providers have to give their customers access to all legal content on an equal basis. The service providers can not favor some sources, or block others, or provide speedier delivery for content the services like.

Spokane net neutrality advocate, Mike McBride said net neutrality impacts all sorts of people who uses the internet.

“Let's say, if an internet service provider perhaps creates a competitor product to Facebook, they can throttle Facebook's speed down so when you're accessing it goes extremely slowly but then give their own product a higher speed so when you access it it's perfectly fine,” explained McBride.

McBride is not the only person in Spokane area concerned with the future of the internet.

Spokane city council President Ben Stuckart drafted a resolution saying that the city publicly supports net neutrality.

Stuckart said that while net neutrality is a federal concern, the resolution will put the city on record as favoring net neutrality rules and not overturning those rules right now.

President Stuckart said if all goes as planned, the resolution will be presented to city council July 31.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers said says she believes in a "free and open" internet, but also supports the FCC removing the 2015 protections. She said she believed 'Title II classifications’ and restrictions would have more of an impact for innovative internet use in rural communities.

The FCC is taking public comment through August 16, and is expected to decide the rules sometime this year.