SPOKANE, Wash.—Spokane City Council candidates are trying a new strategy to gain the vote of young people.

Spokane resident Mike McBride set up “Ask Me Anything” or AMA forum on Reddit to encourage people to vote in the city council primary election.

Four candidates took part in the AMA forum on Reddit. The rules were just like it sounds, users on the site could ask the candidates anything. Topics ranged from Monroe street, to snow removal, to the IT industry here in the Inland Northwest.

The candidates that agreed to take part were Tony Kiepe, Kate Burke, Breean Beggs, and Kathryn Alexander.

“I see people on the internet constantly complaining about local government, and I'm like 'well, better than complain, let's actually interact with the people who want to run our government,” said McBride.

McBride said one thing he and the candidates were worried about were Internet trolls. He said he was surprised by how well the forum went.

“I was quite concerned that sometimes when people have anonymity on the internet they can get a little uncivilized, but I was very very pleasantly surprised with the level at which the questions were asked and I didn't see anyone trolling” said McBride.

McBride said he hoped the forum would get young people more involved in local elections.

Officials with the Spokane County Elections Office said they had only received 14 percent of the mailed ballots as of July 28.