SPOKANE, Wash.— Organizations across the nation and the Inland Northwest hit the streets and other public areas to encourage eligible voters to register.

The League of Women Voters set up at public libraries throughout Spokane Tuesday in honor of National Voter Registration Day.

The group said that even though the presidential election took place last November, there are local elections this year and those tend to bring out fewer voters.

Officials with the Spokane County Elections office said registration numbers following the presidential election are usually at their highest, but have a steady incline after that.

The Census reported a little more than three-in-five people were registered to vote in 2016.

League of Women Voters member, Beverly Austin said the league would be out helping people register regardless of political affiliation.

“We cannot be a democracy unless people are involved and unless they vote. I think about my own dad and that generation of World War II veterans and he would say I fought for that right. Always vote, so it's important not to get tired. That's the tendency is to think "Oh gosh I can do nothing about this." Well yes you can.,” said Austin.

In the state of Washington, checking your voter registrations this info ahead of time.

To check, people can head to ‘MyVote’ on the State of Washington's website, enter their name and birth date. People can then check the info on file, and make corrections if need.

If you are an Idaho resident, you can check their website.