SPOKANE, Wash. – The SyFy series “Z Nation” has canceled extra auditions that were supposed to be held at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane on Saturday and Sunday.

Many locals have appeared in the show, which has been shot in Spokane in past seasons.

The series was recently renewed for a fourth season, but the audition cancelation has many wondering if Spokane is no longer being considered as a shooting location for the show.

KREM 2’s Rob Harris reached out to Thomas Dineen, a program coordinator for the show. Dineen said no plans have changed at this point and they are still planning to shoot part of the season in Spokane. In fact, show coordinators said crews have already started building some of the sets they will use.

Both Dineen and representatives from the MAC confirmed the museum is in the works to become a shooting location for the show, as well.

As for extra auditions, Dineen said they do not have a set date yet, but show coordinators plan on rescheduling them soon.