SPOKANE, Wash. – A driver pulled over at a routine traffic stop near Lacey Avenue and Hoffman Street tried to pull away while the officer’s arm was still stuck in the open car window.

Zachary Woods, 18, had been stopped after an officer said he saw him driving poorly though a school zone.

The officer was able to run alongside the car for about a block, which saved him from being more seriously injured, police said in a release.

“The officer exercised significant restraint with his use of force options because of his concerns for the passengers in the vehicle,” SPD officials wrote in a release.

Woods continued to drive away, SPD said, despite other police vehicles tailing him. He is accused of driving down an alley and hitting another car that was heading north on Nevada before crashing into a yard at Central Avenue.

SPD said he tried to run away but was captured within minutes. The officer, the citizen driver and Woods all had non-life threatening injuries.

Woods faces several charges from the incident, including first degree assault, as well as felony hit and run and attempting to elude a police officer.