Seattle has been at the top of the charts for the last two years when it comes to rainfall accumulation. However, if our current pattern holds, we may be writing this year to another list: of consecutive days without rainfall.

The last raindrop to hit Sea-Tac’s rain gauge was on June 17 when we picked up 0.06 inches. That’s if you don’t include June 18, 20, and 26 when we picked up a trace of rain.

I looked up some data to see what the top 10 list is of consecutive days without rainfall and here’s what I found:

The longest stretch we’ve had without 0.01 inches of rainfall (or more) is 81 days; 81 straight days without any rain which occurred in 2012. Remember that year? That was a very dry summer which didn’t produce any precipitation until October 11.

A little further down the list at spot number 10 you find the year 1981. That year along with 1986, we had 42 straight days without measurable precipitation.

So, if we want to try and get on this top 10 list of consecutive dry days without measurable precipitation, we need to shoot for 42. Again, as of July 7, we’re sitting at 21.

With all of that being said, we do typically get some rainfall during the summer months. In June we average 1.57 inches, in July 0.77 inches and August 0.88 inches.

The forecast for the next month is calling for below normal precipitation.