SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane County Sheriff’s Office found more than $23,000 during a traffic stop on I-90.

Two officers were patrolling I-90 on Wednesday, April 12 when they saw a vehicle that failed to stay in one lane of traffic. During a basic check of the vehicle’s registration, officers found that the license of the driver had been canceled and pulled the car over.

Kevin A. Rivas Cardenas was driving the vehicle and told the deputies that he was in the United States visiting and was in the process of obtaining a Washington identification card. Officers observed that the car smelled overwhelmingly of air freshener. Officers also observed that Cardenas was speaking in a very low tone and appeared to be trying to control his breathing.

Officers then asked if they could search the vehicle and Cardenas said they could. During the search, deputies located a backpack that had a black zippered bag that contained a large amount of money and some methamphetamine. The deputies also found $1900 in Cardenas’ pants pockets and another $900 in his wallet.

The officers placed Cardenas under arrest for possession of a controlled substance and transported him to the Spokane County Jail. A total of $23,232 was recovered from the black zippered bag and Cardenas’ person.