SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team Member, with the assistance of deputies on shore, freed a boat and a trailer from the boat launch dock at Silver Lake on Friday.

SCSO said the owner backed the boat trailer down the launch into the water. The owner stopped after hearing the grinding sound of the still lowered prop/motor scraping against the ground, shut the vehicle off and walked back to the boat. He raised the motor and the the truck began rolling backward into the water with the boat and trailer still attached.

According to the SCSO report, the boat was pinned on the underside of the dock and the truck ended up submerged.

Deputy Brad Humphrey, a diver for the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Team, responded to the incident. SCSO officials said Deputy Humphrey determined the wooden bunks of the trailer were hung up and he unbolted the bunks. This freed the trailer and allowed the trio to be towed from the water.

SCSO officials said no one was injured and there was no property damaged other than water damage to the truck.