SPOKANE, Wash --- Second Harvest and the Dairy Farmers of Washington are partnering with local grocery stores for a Give-a-Gallon promotion this month for needy children.

From June 7 to 13 it will be at Yokes and June 7 to 21 it will be at Safeway and Albertsons. Look for the donation scan cards in the dairy section or near the cash register to make your donation.

“During the school week, each child receives 10 half pints of milk. So when they are out of school, that steady source of essential nutrients is gone,” said the Partnership Development Director for the Dairy Farmers of Washington, Jeff Steele.

During the summer, children do not have consistent access to milk at school breakfast and lunch. The Give-a-Gallon promotion gives shoppers a chance to buy milk to help.

Milk is rich in protein and provides eight other essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamins. These nutrients are important for the growth and development of young children.

Give-a-Gallon is part of the Dairy for Life program, where dairy farmers and Second Harvest work together to provide milk for families year round.