SANDPOINT, Idaho – The saga of the beleaguered Idaho Club near Sandpoint continues. Neighbors in the development said their water was shut off without proper warning on Wednesday.

These neighbors also said a former developer of the area who owns the club’s water supply, shut off the water because he was told to do so by a judge. However, the new owners of the Idaho Club and the homeowners association are crying foul.

The water came back on around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Still, some people who live the Idaho Club said they are being caught in the middle.

When neighbor Steve Holder contacted KREM 2 on Thursday morning to say that his water had been shut off, he was not kidding.

Holder normally lives in his home inside the Idaho Club outside of the Sandpoint area, but last night he had to stay in a hotel.

”We live in a nice development here and it’s not nice to be without water. No showers, no bathroom, nothing,” Holder said.

The tale of the Idaho Club is a long one. The former owners of the golf course and the community around it were declared insolvent some time ago.

The Idaho Club was purchased by a new ownership group called Valiant, but while Valiant now owns the water system at the Idaho Club, they still do not own the source wells. The source wells are owned by VP, a utility company tied to a former developer of what was then called Hidden Lakes. Hidden Lakes eventually became what is now called the Idaho Club.

Two weeks ago, VP sent a letter to some homeowners that said that a district judge has ordered them to vacate land that was purchased by the new owners of the Idaho Club. The letter warned that some people might be without water service. On Wednesday, that is just what happened.

“I don’t understand in today’s society how they can allow the water to just be turned off,” Holder said.

Homeowners like Holder said the whole situation just does not make sense. In a letter to homeowners, the new ownership group said that they have not done anything that would prohibit the former owner from providing water service.

“This is one last blow and that I think the old guy is throwing at us,” Holder said.

Both sides reportedly went before a judge on Thursday to ask that water service be restored and those wishes were granted. People like Holder are tired of being in the crossfire.

“It’s just a bad situation, period,” Holder said.

According to a letter sent to homeowners, the new ownership group is in the process of drilling their own water wells so that they can provide service to everyone in the Idaho Club. The wells will not be completed by sometime this summer.