SPOKANE, Wash. --- Voter fraud has been a hot topic this election cycle, leaving some wondering just how secure are the ballots cast in Spokane County?

Vicky Dalton, Spokane County auditor, said confidently the election is not rigged. She said they go above and beyond to make sure each person who wants to can vote and their ballot is counted.

Dalton said there are some specific security measures they have in place. It begins with the envelopes. Dalton said the ballot is supposed to be put in the yellow envelope and then the white one. The white envelope should be signed and sealed. Dalton said they match each signature to the registration. And then separate the ballot from the envelope to maintain anonymity.

“This is all about security and privacy,” said Dalton.

Dalton said the white drop boxes at area libraries are also secure.

"They're very secure because they are padlocked,” said Dalton. “The only people that have access to these boxes or to any of the ballots are Spokane County elections employees. There are no volunteers here.”

Dalton said once they get the ballots through the mail or they are picked up, they are sorted and counted. She said the doors to the work room where that is done are only accessible with a security badge.

“There's always two people. No one is ever left alone with a ballot,” said Dalton. “We're always controlling who goes in, who goes out and nobody is left alone with ballots and all visitors are escorted at all times.”

Dalton said they welcome questions and visits from the public about voting security.

It is illegal to forge a signature or cast another person's vote. Trying to vote when not qualified or attempting to vote more than once is a felony. The maximum penalty is a up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 fine.

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