SEATTLE -- Eight-year-old Ainsley Bos didn't take too kindly to the words she heard coming out of Donald Trump's mouth during the first presidential debate. "He kept interrupting her. I thought it was rude," she says.

Her mom, Dana, told Ainsley to express her feelings through her artwork. She drew a picture of the two candidates that has now gotten attention around the world.

"I posted it on Facebook and immediately people started asking me if they could get it on a T-shirt," said Dana.

People all over the country and as far away as Germany have been buying the shirts, coffee cups, tote bags and other items online.

The family wanted to donate all the proceeds to the Clinton campaign, but due to some complex campaign finance restrictions, they're not allowed to. Instead, they've chosen several of their own charities to receive the money.

Learn more on Ainsley Bos Facebook page.