SPOKANE,Wash. --- On Friday, the Washington Post published snippets of a recorded conversation between Donald Trump and the host of Access Hollywood.

The conversation was from back in 2005, and in them, Trump used vulgar language to describe women.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the highest ranking Republican female in the United States House, issued a statement about the video.

"I have said before that I would not hesitate to voice my disagreement with Mr. Trump when he says something that I believe should not be part of our political dialogue,” McMorris Rodger said. “It is never appropriate to condone unwanted sexual advances or violence against women. Mr. Trump must realize that it has no place in public or private conversations today or in the past,” she added.

During an interview with KREM 2 on Tuesday, McMorris Rodgers said she would be voting for Trump.

Her rival, former Colville Tribe chairman, Joe Pakootas, said he would be voting for Clinton.