SPOKANE, Wash. --- A town hall meeting was packed full of people addressing Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ week in Spokane on Wednesday evening.

McMorris Rodgers held nine public events on Tuesday, none of which included the opportunity for residents to question her. Monday night’s telephone town hall was full of technical issues and many were upset that they did not get an opportunity to speak with the congresswoman. Many attendees accused her of dodging confrontation.

The congresswoman did not hold an in-person town hall while she was in town this week, so the public held their own meeting without her to address issues.

Constituents organized the event to let others voice their concerns.

Many people called for the congresswoman to hold President Donald Trump accountable.

Others made statements and concerns that they would have liked to share with McMorris Rodgers.

“I would ask Representative McMorris Rodgers to do her best to maintain and enhance the Affordable Care Act,” said one gentleman.

“In terms of social security, I paid for 50 years of social security. That money’s mine, not hers,” said another gentleman.

Other hot topics included LGBT rights, healthcare and the environment.