A flyer is circulating in the mail that made one Snoqualmie man think twice about posting a Hillary Clinton sign.

Courtland Beale received a letter that came on a Washington State Department of Transportation letterhead. The letter, which cites a portion of state law, informed citizens that any political sign that “simulates any directional, warning, or danger sign” could confuse drivers, and is “unlawful.”

The law says owners have 15 days to remove the signs.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign sign that has an “H” with an arrow on the crossbar was one example of an “unlawful” sign, as it resembles a divided highway sign. Beale also noted it is similar to a Hospital sign, which has a white “H” on a blue background and a directional arrow underneath.

Photo: Full letter on sign violations

WSDOT said it appears the letter was not sent by them, and it seems the letter is fake.

However, if a WSDOT employee saw someone posting a political sign close to a roadway that could confuse a driver, they would ask the owner to remove the sign and give the sign back to them.