SEATTLE, Wash. -- Conservative political activist Tim Eyman launched a new initiative Tuesday to bring back $30 car tabs, aiming to get the measure on the November 2018 ballot.

The new initiative would get rid of vehicle weight fees imposed by state government, get rid of vehicle fees imposed by cities, and remove all car tab taxes imposed by Sound Transit.

Two initiatives, passed in 1999 and 2002 by voters, both demanded $30 tabs.

Eyman said since then, state and local governments have increased taxes and fees on car tabs, sending them "skyrocketing" past 1999 rates.

"Worst of all, Sound Transit lied repeatedly last year when it came to the cost and the calculation of car tab taxes," Eyman said. "For months this year, vehicle owners have been screaming at legislators for relief."

Eyman said Sound Transit promised a $15 billion tax package in 2015, but instead inflated it to a $54 billion tax package. Then in 2016, Eyman said "they lied" to voters about how costs and car tab taxes are calculated.

"We already get gouged with a massive sales tax when we buy a vehicle and a huge gas tax when we use a vehicle," he said.

He said it's not fair for taxpayers to be paying expensive license fees just for owning a vehicle.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced a $2 million lawsuit against Eyman in March over alleged campaign finance violations. Part of the suit included Ferguson asking the court to bar Eyman from participating in any political committees moving forward.

Signatures for the new initiative will be collected through Dec. 31. The petition is available online.