Motorcycle advocates rallied in Olympia Friday in support of state Senate Bill 5378, which would allow motorcycles to go in-between cars on the highway at no more than 25 miles per hour.

Right now the bill is stalled in the house.

"In most cases we can split a lane and not interfere with anybody or not hit anybody, and we can move on right down the road," said Andy McAfee, a member of Spanaway ABATE, a motorcyclist organization.

The Washington State Patrol doesn't support a change in law.

"I see a very serious injury collision or a death," said State Patrol Captain Monica Alexander. "How often have I responded to collisions for unsafe lane changes? A lot, and now you introduce a motorcycle into that."

Motorcyclists say they want to go in between lanes so they don't get hit in highway congestion. Advocates claim motorcyclists won’t weave in and out of traffic, and lane splitting can be a safe practice if done correctly.

In a statement from Rep. Judy Clibborn, D-Mercer Island, who heads up the House Transportation Committee, sides with the state patrol.

"Reports prepared by non-partisan Senate staff clearly show that State Patrol and Traffic Safety Commission testified against lane-splitting legislation,” she said. “I share their concerns about safety on our roads."

That leaves motorcyclist frustrated.

"You have people making decisions that don't know anything about motorcycles, and they really need to be educated on motorcycles and how to ride safely and how to do the right thing," said McAfee