There's a growing buzz about the prospects of Washington Governor Jay Inslee as a possible Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. His profile was boosted after Washington state successfully blocked President Donald Trump's first travel ban.

But it could be a crowded field. The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, who suggested Inslee as a candidate on Feb. 24, just named Inslee among his 22 Democrats who are thinking about making a run.

He puts Inslee in the "2nd Tier," meaning he has the potential to be a major contender, but he's not there, yet.

"That so few people in Washington buzz about the two term Washington governor is a pretty obvious case of East Coast bias," Cillizza writes. "Inslee has spent time in Washington (D.C.) as a member of Congress and got a major media boost from his state's role in blocking Trump's travel ban."

During an interview with The Seattle Times last Friday, Inslee said a presidential run is not something he's been thinking about.

"It’s really not in the stars," Inslee said.

Cillizza puts Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz in his "4th Tier" for rich businesspeople who have never run for office before. Trump was also a rich businessperson who had never run for president for a major political party before 2016. (He was a candidate for president under the Reform Party in 2000).

Among Cillizza's 1st Tier candidates -- the ones he says have a real chance to win the nomination -- are former Vice President Joe Biden, and progressive stars Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.