Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has battled President Donald Trump over the President's efforts to limit travel and immigration from some Muslim-majority countries, tweeted a "thanks" to Trump Monday. It comes after several tweets by the President over the past two days in his efforts to get his travel ban passed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump tweeted about the ban following Saturday's terror attacks in London.

Trump also said the Justice Department should ask for an "expedited hearing" on the second ban and "seek much tougher version!"

The official Twitter account for the Washington state Attorney General's Office responded with this.

Initials are traditionally used to indicate who authored a tweet rather than it being a generic post by a staffer. In this case, the -BF indicates Ferguson wrote the tweet.

Later Monday evening, Trump reiterated his stance, putting the words travel ban in all caps.

Ferguson successfully challenged Trump's first executive order, signed during the President's first week in office, limiting travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. The Trump administration followed that up with a version that narrowed the scope of the original order. It was also blocked in the courts.

Another person who is suggesting Trump's tweets will hurt his case is George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. He was considered a contender for a top job in the Justice Department before removing himself from consideration.

OSG refers to the Office of the Solicitor General, which is who will have to argue the case before the Supreme Court.

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