SPOKANE, Wash. – Pot shop workers say its not uncommon for them to face unruly customers. For that reason, there is now a petition that would allow employees to carry guns on the job.

For something meant to calm you down, pot shop workers like Kayla Cavasier see customers who can be downright crazy.

"They have one thing on their mind and if anything gets in the way of that, they get angry and aggressive," she said.

Cavasier works at the store where an employee was shot on Tuesday. She said the vast majority of her customers are chill, mellow people but, being in a cash cow industry, there is always some bad examples.

"Mentally sick people, they don't want to be in their own head and their sickness can make them do crazy things in places they like to go," Cavasier explained.

Tuesday’s shooting has added calls to allow pot shop employees to carry guns to work. Currently, Washington's Liquor and Cannabis Board bans guns from pot shops. It does not matter if you are an employee or even have a concealed carry permit, guns are not allowed.

A petition is looking to change that. Written just days after Cameron Smith was killed at a Cheney pot shop, it says that pot shop workers have a “God given right" to defend themselves. Cavasier agrees and says guns could have prevented her co-workers from being shot.

"Either they have guns or if we had a security guard with a gun, I don't think that would've happened," she said.

As of Wednesday night, 262 people have signed the petition. Cavasier said she would not hesitate to carry a gun herself, if allowed.