SPOKANE, Wash --- Parking in Peaceful Valley is limited and residents of the area complain that their spots are taken by visitors, especially on the weekends.

“There’s no place to park… or at least on the weekends,” said the Chair of the Peaceful Valley Neighborhood Council, Bill Forman.

Many people like to inner tube on the Spokane River, and Peaceful Valley is right next to the river, this makes parking for residents of the area sometimes harder than it should be. The neighborhood council has discussed several options to add more parking, like adding angled parking or putting a parking lot at the park, but the city said it cannot do that because the area is a flood plain.

Instead the city is proposing time limits to parking and implementing residential parking passes. The parking restrictions would be enforced from Memorial Day to Labor Day, because the parking problem is only during the summer.

In the proposal, vehicles without a permit could be subject to warnings or tickets if they exceed the two hour limit. Parking on the north side of the Water Street would be open to the public with no additional time restrictions outside of normal regulations. If the neighborhood council is on board with the pilot parking program after the meeting Wednesday night, then neighborhood services will bring the proposal before the city council for approval.