PULLMAN, Wash.—Oregon State’s quarterback reached out to thank a little boy on Twitter.

Jake Luton was injured Saturday during a game at Washington State University and was taken off the field on a stretcher.

Luton tweeted that after a scary night in the hospital he was greeted by over 20 family members, friends, and a little boy named Silas he had never met before.

He said Silas’s mother told him that Silas had watched him on T.V. and insisted they bring him a cupcake and make sure he was okay.

Luton said that act of kindness was what both sports and life were all about.

“Someday, I won’t remember every play and every game I’ve been a part of, but I will always remember you and the kindness that you showed me on that night,” Luton said on Twitter.

Luton also tweeted pictures of him with Silas and of Silas giving him the cupcake.