SPOKANE, Wash. --- On Sunday, several people helped stop a stabbing suspect from running away at the Shadle McDonalds in Spokane.

Despite their brave actions, police said they would prefer if people did not put themselves in this kind of danger.

KREM 2 On Your Side, asked the Spokane Police Department what people should do, if they witness a crime or attack.

“While it was a noble act, and we appreciate it, we are glad they did not get hurt themselves,” said Officer Shane Phillips.

Whether it is a minor argument or a violent incident, police said you should never get involved, because you could potentially get hurt yourself.

A bank robbery that happened in North Spokane in April, is an example of what can go wrong if you do try to intervene.

A Good Samaritan tried tackling the suspect during the bank robbery and ended up getting shot. The man spent weeks recovering from the gunshot wound.

Police said if you see a crime in progress, do not intervene.

KREM 2 asked if it is common for people to try and do a good deed by stopping a crime.

"Not necessarily. Again, what we would ask the most is that they be a good witness. If they can get a good description. If they can get a direction of travel, clothing, license plate, anything that we can further the investigation would be most helpful,” said Phillips.