An Olympia family is back home recovering after a scary week in Eastern Washington.

Cora Rose, her husband, and 7-month-old baby were traveling through Spokane last Sunday night when they were hit. In court documents, police determined that the person who hit them was speeding. Investigators also determined that the driver who was at fault had smoked marijuana and drank several beers just hours before the crash.

“I’m trying really hard not to hate and trying hard to understand that everyone goes through hardships and makes poor choices at times, and I’m struggling a little bit internally with trying not to hate,” Rose said. “I don’t know her, but her choices affected my family and changed everything for us.”

Despite the severity of the crash, they did receive help in their moment of need. An onlooker jumped into action to calm the parents and save the baby just seconds after the wreck.

As it turns out, that man had recently been released from prison after serving nearly two decades for manslaughter.

“I remember I looked back and I don’t remember if I said anything to him, but I saw his hat and his eyes and he told me, ‘I have your baby, everything is ok, I have your baby’” Rose said. “I was able to get through that moment, because of being able to look in his eyes and be able to trust, he had my baby, he was there for my baby.”

“Most people are sitting back with cameras,” Rose said. “They don’t think about the family or that we are real people, and that we’re in pain, and we’re scared, and he jumped in and helped us, in that moment.”

Since that time Rose has become friends with the man who helped out her family. She says he will be a friend for a lifetime.

Now, however, their main concern is their medical bills. With limited insurance, and lengthy hospitals stays for mom and baby, they worry what bills may be on their way. So far, they’ve been told only a portion of their baby’s medical bills are $27,000. As of now, after the crash totaled their van, they also don’t have a vehicle.

If you are interested in helping Cora’s family there is a GoFundMe page set up at: