SPOKANE, Wash.-- Numbers show that in the past five years, fewer kids are bringing weapons to schools in Spokane.

Under state law, any student who carries a weapon onto school grounds are automatically at risk of expulsion.

New numbers show that fewer students are carrying weapons to schools in Spokane.

In 2011, 140 students were suspended or expelled for carrying weapons to school. In 2012, it was 110. In 2013, it was 107. In 2014, it was 103. The numbers have gone down every year since. In 2015, the number of cases had dropped by 60 percent to 53.

Tucker Kirkpatrick is in high school. He says the increasing presence of school resource officers have helped prevent kids from coming to school armed.

"They're patrolling our exit for lunch, but they're everyone you look, which is reassuring," said Kirkpatrick.

Last year, not a single student within Spokane Public schools was expelled for carrying a weapon.

State education officials say knives were the most common item confiscated.