SPOKANE, Wash.—Every October the small Prairie Home Farm in North Idaho gathers a large crowd.

Prairie Home Farm owner, Linda Swenson invites members of the Spokane Story Telling League out to her farm to tell stories to the community.

Swenson said kids and adults come to farm to listen to these stories because they appreciate the simplicity and values of life on a farm.

“An old barn, an old farm, the old ways, I’ve always had a fascination with everything old if you couldn’t tell. So the storytelling just felt perfect for the barn,” said Swenson.

Spokane Story Telling League member, Herb Bradshaw said he sees the storytelling as a great opportunity to share stories.

“It’s about what you feel in your heart. It’s a piece of you. And to share it with someone is the greatest thing,” said Bradshaw.

Swenson said the tradition has grown over the years. This year they are expecting 1,200 school kids to make out to the farm.