SPOKANE, Wash.— Summer has come and gone, and it isn’t quite snowy enough to hit the slopes but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome things to do outside in the Inland Northwest.

Experts at REI said that just because warm weather is a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean people aren’t spending time outside. It just looks a little different.

“It’s less of one outdoor season ending, and more of an overlap with a few outfitting changes,” said sales specialist Annaliese McQuigg.

People are trading in the shorts and t-shirts for layers and wool socks but still enjoying hikes, bike rides, runs and even paddle sports.

REI’s outdoor program coordinator, Jenna Bracken said hikers and rock climbers should be careful when they are going out because cooler temperatures means snow could appear out of nowhere.

“People tend to do more day hikes in the cool weather, but if they are thinking about going overnight or hitting those higher elevations they should watch out for snow because it’s on its way, or it’s here,” said Bracken.

McQuigg said those cool temperatures weren’t stopping people from not only hitting the trails, but hitting the water.

That’s right, she said kayaking and canoeing were still popular fall activities.

People out on the cooler lakes and rivers in the region just put on cold weather wetsuits and layer warmly under that before they hit the water, according to McQuigg.

“Yeah, surprisingly enough people are still out paddling in the fall,” said McQigg.

The cool temperatures also allow rock climbers to spend more time on routes.

Bracken said since the hot sun isn’t baking the rocks all day, people have more time to climb.

Bracken said fall is a great season to spend outside.

“Whether it’s day hikes, climbing, biking, or trail running, fall is awesome. The leaves are changing colors and it’s just great to get out in the Inland Northwest,” said Bracken.

So just because it's a little colder, doesn't mean summer activities have to be over. They're just dressed a little differently.