SPOKANE, Wash --- New information is found about former Ferris High School football coach, Jim Sharkey, his behavior has been called into question.

Ferris High School did not renew Sharkey’s contract earlier this year because of questionable conduct.

Players alleged Sharkey exposed himself during a football summer camp and did not know about alleged hazing and physical abuse among the players.

On Wednesday, Spokane Public Schools released notes from interviews with the Ferris assistant coaches about the program and Sharkey’s behavior.

None of the coaches knew anything about alleged hazing and graphic physical abuse among the players. They also have said the players were never unsupervised during practices. Some coaches said Sharkey would curse in front of his players and sometimes demean them.

“If it was my son I wouldn’t like the way Jim treated the kids,” said one coach.

“The administrators have…allowed a renegade culture…the unnecessary yelling…the persistence of it,” said another coach.

Ferris has hired former Lewis and Clark head coach Tom Yearout to lead the program this fall.