COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho --- A police report obtained Wednesday showed new details about the night a Coeur d’Alene man died after being punched and hitting his head on the pavement.

Around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, a Coeur d’Alene Police officer responded to Fourth and Coeur d’Alene for a possible fight, according to the police report. Idaho State Patrol Trooper Tullners and Sergeant Lowry were already on the scene and, the 29-year-old, Jeffrey Marfice was already on the ground bleeding, per court documents.

No one saw Marfice get hit but witnesses saw him hit the ground, according to the police report. The fight was reportedly started when a group of men started harassing two women, one of whom was Marfice’s girlfriend. One of the men pushed Marfice’s girlfriend and then Marfice stepped in. That is when he was punched in the back of the head and hit the ground, according to police records.

Marfice was transported to the hospital with a two inch laceration on the back of his head and had blood draining from his right ear and nose, according to court documents. His condition continued to deteriorate at Kootenai Health where he had emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain, but he died Monday from his injuries.

Police went to suspect Tyler Finlay’s house, around 7 p.m. on Sunday to get a statement from him, according to police documents. Finlay pulled up to the house while the officers were talking to his mother, and they began questioning him about the night before. Finlay said he was in the area when the fight happened, and that he knew about the fight but did not know the victim. When his mother described the victim as possibly “brain dead,” according to the police report, his jaw dropped and he was shocked.

Finlay then went inside the house with his mother, and when she came out again she told police that he did it and asked if he needed a lawyer, said the police report. Finlay was arrested and while in custody, gave a full confession to investigators.

Finlay said he hit Marfice once, did not check to see if Marfice was ok because he was scared and did not say anything earlier because he was "freaking out," according to the police report.

He has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Jeffrey Marfice.