SPOKANE, Wash. -- When any kind of major tragedy happens, you want to know if your loved ones near it are okay.

One way you can do that is with Facebook's safety check. People on Facebook can mark themselves as safe if they're in the area where this disaster or incident happened. This was activated after the Paris attack, London fire, there was one for Hurricane Harvey and now there is one for Irma. There are also other tools you can use to let your loved ones know you are safe.

Do you remember when you found out about the new Snapchat feature where you can see your friends' location on a map? It was kind of creepy and even law enforcement encouraged parents to turn it on "ghost mode" for the safety of their children. Now in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, this feature can actually serve as a tool to help you find out where your family is and if they are out of harm’s way.

Walk-talkies have also been a helpful tool to communicate when you are in range. Zello is a walkie talkie app available for free on both Android and iOS app stores. It has become the most popular app because Zello became a key tool used by rescuers to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. How it works is users find a channel, push a button to talk to anyone through cellular or Wi-Fi connection.