JONESBORO, Ark. -- Police believe they have found their culprits in the theft of $5,000 worth of Little Debbie snack cakes in Arkansas.

The theft was originally reported missing on Wednesday morning and garnered national attention. With the expense of the trailer itself, authorities said the net worth of the theft was closer to $6,000.

But NBC affiliate KAIT reports that the mystery came to an end not long after. Authorities in Mississippi County, Ark. - not far from where the snack cakes were stolen - spotted a vehicle traveling down the road and a trailer matching the description.

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Two women have been taken into custody, the station reports. Though an exact motive for the theft hasn't been released. Detectives said that the two had switched out the tags and locks on the trailer by the time they were caught. 10 cases of merchandise and a stainless steel dolly were missing.

The owner of the trailer, Roy Frazier, said that he had heard a few jokes about the unusual theft. But to him, it was no laughing matter - adding that the financial hit of the loss - and the days out of work afterward - would have hurt his livelihood even when insurance replaced the stolen items.

He said a local Sunday school teacher prayed with he and his family before the items were found.

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