When you walk into Tapped in Maplewood, Missouri, you will immediately notice something missing.

Owner Ryan Reel said, "No bartenders. You're the bartender."

Just when you're scratching your head, you'll be asked for two things.

"I'll need your credit card and ID from you so I can open a tab," he said.

Then, you'll be handed a wristband. You'll find 39 craft beers on tap along with eight wines, and one coffee. That wristband will come in handy once you decide what you want to drink.

Ryan said, "This is what allows them to unlock the taps, you go over with your wristband, you're free to pour."

The owners of Tapped wanted to open a place that stands out in a crowd, and they certainly achieved that goal with a self-pour bar and restaurant.

"There's a dime a dozen a lot of times when it comes to restaurants it seems," he said.

It's a place where you can pour yourself a splash or a full glass. No matter what, you're charged by the ounce. And since every ounce counts, the tablets above the tap show you how to pour the perfect beer.

Ryan said, "The craft beer world is growing so it's a nice way to try a lot of beers. Rather than, maybe, you only drink two to three if you go to a place that has some craft beers, this way you can get some small pours."

Since this is a do-it-yourself kind of place, they even have t-shirts you can buy, that say "I do everything around here."

By now, you might be wondering what you do when it comes to food.

Ryan said, "You don't make your own food but you do have to order your own food. You don't have a waitress that comes to your table. We will bring it out to you once your order is ready."

At Tapped you don't have to tip but if you do, it all goes to charity.

Ryan said, "Our staff is paid a little more than your typical restaurant. Our average hourly rate is $15 an hour. So, our tip line is actually a charity line. So, we do a donation on that one. It's not frowned upon if you decide not to."

When you're ready to check out, just hand over your wristband, which has kept track of everything you've purchased, and they'll print out your receipt. Now you can see why Tapped has created a buzz.

For more information, visit the website tappedstl.com or facebook.com/TappedStL. The bar and restaurant is located at 7278 Manchester Road in Maplewood. The number is (314) 899-0011.